Thursday, March 12, 2009

Change in immunosuppressant regime

I have to change the immunosuppressants that I have been taking since my transplant.  I have been taking Raptiva and Rapamune (Sirolimus).  Recently, a few people have died from the Raptiva.  They were taking it for psoriasis, not islet cell transplants, and were on a dose that is  twice what I take.  But, the study doctors have decided to take all of the patients in this protocol off of the raptiva to be safe.  And, they also decided to take us off of the rapamune and start us on two different immunosuppressants.  The two new ones are both tried and true and have proven to be useful in transplants and are easier on the kidneys.  So I guess it should be  ok.  I  am a little disappointed and apprehensive.  I have been doing so well with my current regime.  My glucose numbers have been just great, and I have been lucky with having only minimal side effects from the drugs.  It seems crazy to have to roll the dice from my comfortable vantage point.  But, I really do understand that I have to.  I have not got much sympathy from family or friends with my wanting to stay on the raptiva and just hope for the  best. Anyway, it  is not my decision to make.

So, as of tomorrow, if they come in the mail today, I will  be starting on Cellcept and Prograf (Tacrolimus). Most of the questions people ask me are in regards to the immunosuppression, so I will have the twice the experience and the ability to compare.  I am hoping to be as lucky with the new ones as I was with the old.

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