Sunday, August 16, 2009

C-peptide results updated and results from 1 year visit

This is a chart imported from an earlier blog and used for comparison here. There is not a big difference between the 120 day visit and the more recent results. I would assume that is a good thing.

C-peptide values- recent

---------Pre-breakfast-- Post-breakfast

Day 180---1.17---------------3.92
Day 270 ---------------------5.29
Day 356---1.27--------------5.64

The C-peptide is a measure of how well the islet cells are working. At day 0 which would have been pre-transplant, I was at 0. Now I have readings that show that the islets are working both before a meal and at a higher level after a meal.

Other interesting labs from my one year visit include:

Cholesterol of 132 which is good but.... HDL of 49 which is not good and explains why the total is lower now.

A1C of 5.7 which is good. Previous was 5.6. Increase probably due to CMV.

CBC about the same as previous. WBC is 3.7

Liver enzymes slightly increased which is the same and normal.

EBV and CMV both negative.

A battery of tests were performed to test kidney function. They all are normal.

My glucose meter that I do my daily checks of my blood sugars has a feature that does 7,14, and 30 day averages. My current 7 day average is 95. My average at the peak of my CMV troubles was about 125. It is so nice to be back to normal.

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SheyFey said...

WOW! The Islet Transplant is working and working WELL! I will get back into a program if and when they bring one to St. Louis.

Still watching your progress. Keep up the great blog.