Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Group blog - My biggest supporter

This is an easy one.  My husband, Gary is my biggest supporter.  He is one of those strong people who are easy to lean on.  I asked him just the other day if it was a good thing or a bad thing to have your wife believe that you can do anything.  He was at the time, trying to throw a mattress out of an upper story window of a rental house that we own.  The mattress wouldn't fit, so he had to dismantle the window frame.  Inside and out.  Pull the mattress out the window onto the flat roof and lift it over the electric wire and throw it hard enough to not tear off the gutter on the way down. I said that I hope its mostly a good thing.  At the time, he just kind of gave me a look, but later said that he was very touched.  I really do believe that he can do anything.

He never complained or questioned me all the times when I said that I would do something and then had to back out or delay whatever it was because my blood sugar took an unexpected dive.  He did most of the driving.  His patience and understanding are without limit.

During my transplant and the recovery period from it, he again did whatever I needed, but also shared my enthusiasm with the experience and awe of those that made it possible.

Since the transplant, he has put up with some of my crazy symptoms of the immunosuppressant drugs, and was even getting a little more worried than I would have liked.  But he listened and understood when I sat him down to explain that it is all worth it and just part of the experience.  He is happy with me and for me that the symptoms are gone.

I can't imagine going on this journey without his support.  The bumps would be more painful and the joys, much less spectacular.


George said...

That is awesome. HE does sound like he can do anything! Go Gary!

Michael Hoskins said...

Very cool. Sounds like a great guy for support... We'd all be lost without these types of people in our lives. Thanks for sharing yours.