Saturday, July 10, 2010

Transplant update - feeling better

I'm feeling better now, both physically and psychologically.  At the time of my last posting, I was suffering from the headache, starting to feel tired, and higher blood sugars.

The headache lasted most of 4 days.  When it finally receded, I was left with a sick feeling.  I was extremely tired, had an upset stomach and just general malaise.  My blood sugars were continuing to get higher and higher.  I was even more worried about CMV.  Maybe it just skipped the gradual onset and went right to the detectable symptoms.  Then, my blood sugars started getting better.  I had a 108 after breakfast instead of the 180-190s that I had been experiencing.  I probably should have double checked that one, but decided to just enjoy it.  Then I had a few other good numbers.  And then I finally began to feel better.  

In the 6 days since then, I have continued to get better.  The sick feeling gradually disappeared and my blood sugars are continuing to get better.  I still have a few higher ones than I like, but mostly they are better.  I am definitely on a downward trend.  It will be interesting to see how low I go.  

Janet, the research coordinator, sent me a nice note when I let her know that I was feeling better.  She said that this happens to other patients too.  You can be sick or stressed and not even realize it.  My normal state will probably continue to have its own fluctuations.  Her words were very reassuring, as usual.

So, needless to say, I am very relieved.  I know that I could start seeing higher numbers again at any time, but for now I will just enjoy the present circumstances.  I am feeling just great again and looking forward to our two upcoming vacations.  They both are centered around outdoor activities and I can't wait to experience them in the best health that I have been enjoying for many years.

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Alan said...

So pleased to hear you are feeling better Kathy! I always find it remarkable how diabetes will let me know I'm ill know I'm ill! Hope the good health and good feelings continue!