Sunday, September 26, 2010

JDRF walk - number one

Sunday was my first JDRF walk.  I think it all came together very well.  I had 18 people there walking with me and raised over $700.  The weather that day started out cold and gloomy, but was warm and sunny by the time everything began.  It was difficult being the leader and now really knowing what I was doing.  Next year, I'll know better how to organize both before and during the event.

I made a poster to show what kinds of research the JDRF was sponsoring.  I stood by it and explained to anyone who had questions what I was trying to show.  Again, it was the parents of diabetic children who were the most drawn to the idea.  I also had a nice conversation with a few of the other volunteers about my experience.  One was a new doctor who is specializing in treating diabetics.  She knew of the procedure and asked some good questions.  I asked her if she would recommend it to her patients.  She says that she would inform them, but that the timing of the surgery would have to be up to the patient.  I agreed with that.  Its such a complicated decision.

The walk itself was short.  They had some problems with fallen trees and had to shorten the course.  I was a little disappointed by that.  Some of my family had travelled a long way for this and I didn't get to spend much time with them.  We did decide to go out to eat afterwards which allowed us some time together.

My sister Liz made the t-shirts.  They came out really well.  This is the design.  Notice the pig in one of the shoes.

Here is my Mom and me standing in front of my poster.

This is the entire walk group.

Cassie came home from San diego for a visit.  She timed her trip to coincide with my walk.  Becky was very supportive too.  I was really touched.

I'm still struggling with high blood sugars.  The option to begin taking a small amount of insulin is being considered again.  It would be disappointing, I admit.  But, I know that it would be a tradeoff to seeing better numbers and a lower A1c.

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