Monday, March 14, 2011

Diabetes Research Summit interviews

The interviews of myself and Dave T. were just posted at the Diabetes and Research and Wellness Foundation site.  I'm hoping that the other interviews will be available soon.  Watching these brings back so many good memories.  It was such an exciting and important event.  I hope that it generated both interest and funding for this research.  I still have the impression that islet cell transplants are not well known or understood even in the diabetic community.  I continue to read blogs written by diabetics and online magazines and social media and see that so many diabetics honestly don't have hope for a cure in their lifetimes.  I add my two cents whenever I can, but still reach only a small percentage of this population.

As for the state of my health, it has been very up and down lately.  Both my general health and my blood sugars.  It is very interesting to see how they directly parallel my symptoms.  I already wrote about the cold that I had in early February.  It lasted about 19 days and required antibiotics.  When this subsided, I had about a week of feeling good.  My BGs and insulin needs went all the way back to normal (8 or 9 units/day).  Then,  I developed some intestinal problems that lasted most of 2 weeks.  My BGs and insulin needs both increased again, although not as much.  I was very concerned that it was due to my immunosuppressants that have needed increases in dose for the last few months.  But, either I have acclimated to that, or I am over something that I was infected with.  Now, I feel fine again.

I have just returned from a very nice trip to California.  My Mom and I went to visit Gary in Santa Barbara and Cassie in San Clemente.  It was so extremely nice to see them and the sun. Of course,  we were there during the tsunami warning.  We were able to avoid the beach that day and I understand that not much happened anyway.

We returned early this morning.  Today, my day will be to puppy proof the house and go pick up a puppy from the Assistance Dog of America Inc.  I have decided to foster a service dog for the first year of its life.  I'm sure that it will be both lots of work and lots of fun.  I will be posting updates of this adventure.


Wendy said...

Awwww...congrats on your foster addition!

Hope you're feeling well. As always, thank you for sharing your story!

et63 said...

Enjoyed the read. As long as together, we can reach some we are doing our part. It amazes me as well that so many people who live with the disease have so little knowledge. We must also let others know that they must be thier own best advocate. Knowledge is power!! c