Monday, May 9, 2011

Group Blog Week - Admiring our Differences

Admiring our differences - Monday 5/9 
Its group blog week and the theme for today is to write about blogs that are different from our own.  One thing that I enjoy about blogs and blogging is that there really are no two alike.  They are as individual as the people who create them.  There are two blogs that I find myself reading the most often.  They are very different from each other and both have aspects that appeal to me and that I admire.

The first is written by Scott K. Johnson at Scott's Diabetes.  What I like about his blog is that he is so sincere and honest about what he writes about.  He talks of the highs and the lows(literally) and is able to express his personality so vividly in his writing.   He is very talented at getting a point across within his story that resonates with me and usually with many people.  He so obviously enjoys interacting with other diabetics, despite the fact that the thing we have in common is an unfortunate part to our lives.  I was lucky enough to meet Scott when I was in Minnesota for a checkup and found him to be just as charming in person.

The second blog is written by Joshua Levy at Current Research into a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  He writes about the most current clinical trials and how they are progressing.  He is very knowledgeable about the science behind the research as well as the process involved to move it forward.  He writes very well, just a little above my head which I enjoy because I always learn something.  His motivation is his daughter who is a Type 1 diabetic.  I think what he is doing is providing hope for her, for himself, and for anyone who reads what he writes.  Its very therapeutic to see it all in print.  He also lists the trials which are funded by the JDRF which is useful information at walk time.

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