Friday, November 4, 2011

JDRF walk 2011 and TrialNet

My JDRF walk for this year was again fun and successful.  I had 17 people at the walk and many others who couldn't participate in the walk, but gave generous donations.  It was a warm and sunny day which makes a walk along Lake Erie a real pleasure.

Before the walk began, I wandered along the booth and education area and came across a TrialNet study.  I had heard of this before, but didn't know exactly what it was.  Its actually very simple.  Its a blood test that can help determine if the relative of a Type 1 diabetic has antibodies that can cause diabetes.  Four antibodies are tested for.  The more a person has, the more likely they are to develop diabetes.  I called Cassie and Becky over to be tested.  They had their blood drawn and it was sent to a test lab.

The results came back a few days ago.  Both girls had good results.  They had 0 of the 4 antibodies which is the best possible result.  It was a relief for me.  Especially for Becky.  She had mononucleosis in 6th grade.  I had mono in high school and it was soon after that that I developed symptoms of diabetes.  It can never really be known for sure, what causes a specific case, but mono is one of the most likely culprits.

Gary is in the process of having this test done as well and I'm hoping he will have the same good news.

My health has been good, but with some worries lately.  My creatinine has increased to 1.1 which is the highest its been.  I'm still getting some ankle swelling and am thirsty all morning.  I see the nephrologist at the end of this month and am hoping for a good report.  I think that if the worry factor was decreased, I wouldn't notice the other things so much.  After my initial visit, I was told that my results were nothing to worry about.  I will be drawn again in a few weeks and the results will be compared to the initial tests.

I have also had some stomach symptoms.  Twice now, I have had an upset and irritated feeling stomach that has lasted several days.  Its hard not to blame the immunosuppression, but since it has cleared up on its own, I am thinking it wasn't the pills.  I have been very busy lately, and am wondering if the stress of that was causing my stomach to react.

My cholesterol and LDL have been higher.  Cholesterol 227 and LDL 127.  I'm expecting an increase in my statin the next time I see my endo.

None of these things has any uncomfortable symptoms, so I am still feeling good.  My BGs have been good lately.  I have increased my Lantus to 8 units/day and now can get away with not taking any Novolog with dinner on some days.

The Senator is doing well.  His barking is better with few relapses.  He has been doing really well on our outings. He's very attentive to me and not as easily distracted.

Becky, left for California last week.  They drove and will be living with Cassie for a week or so until they find an apartment near where she will be working in San diego.  Again, I was happy and proud for her to be able to do this, but sad for us.  We really miss her.  And Senator is missing Callie.  I already have a trip planned for a visit next month.  :)

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et63 said...

Hi Kathy-!!

Great photos and I think you look wonderful. I understand the worry issue and how it can affect us. I am curious as to if you are still taking the immunosuppressansts being back on a small amount of insulin? I am holding my own after lymph node removal surgery 3 weeks ago, hoping to undergo the stem cell treatment again soon. I had such good results, and have certainly put them to the tests this past 10 months with infections, surgerys, pneumonia, and of course, the dreaded stress levels from life's dealings.

Be well ... and that Dolly is just one adorable dog!! et