Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 56

Last week, I got a call from the transplant coordinator asking me how I feel.  It seems that my Epstein-Barr titer (mono) was increased.  I feel fine, no symptoms at all, so the test will be redrawn the next week.   Also, my rapamune level was higher than it should be, so I will need to decrease to 4 pills a day.  

I finally got down to 5 units a day on friday and continued at 5 through the weekend.  I decided to  remove my pump on my next day off which is tuesday.  My glucose numbers have been good.

On tuesday,  I gave myself an injection of 4 units of Lantus, which is a long acting insulin.  I kept my pump on for about 2 more hours to coincide to when the Lantus should kick in.  It worked very well. My numbers were running a bit low, in the 70s, so I just ate more.

Everything was  going well, so I even went golfing in the afternoon.  I had not played all summer due to a frozen shoulder which was probably caused by my diabetes.  But I noticed lately that it seemed better, so I  thought I would give it a  try.  I had a good round and it felt great to  be on the course again.  My energy level is definitely increasing.

I worked on wednesday,  and had the same problem with the lower glucose values.  I had to eat 3 times before lunch.  So on thursday, I  tried 3 units and that seems to be going well too.

My most recent C-peptide value from Sept 2, was 1.75  fasting and  3.08 two hours after eating.

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BetterCell said...

Hello Kathy.........I just read your blog and was fascinated with your story regarding the islet cells transplant.
Since I also have T1DM (since the age of 6), I would be concerned about the long-term effects of taking Immunosuppression drugs as well as the 1-5 year survival rate in Islet cell transplants.
What are your feelings about this.
Thanks for any info that you are able to share.