Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 61 insulin free

On tuesday, I removed my pump and used 4 units of Lantus.
On wednesday, I used 4 units of Lantus.
On thursday, I used 3 units of Lantus.
On friday, I used 2 units of Lantus.

All of these  days, I had glucose values in the desired  range of  80-120, with a few fastings in the 70s.
I decided that  one unit is not worth the injection and that I should just go for it.

So saturday was the day.  No injection at all.  It was also a good day because we were going away for the weekend with three other couples and I knew I would be more  active.  We had a great time on Put-in-Bay which is on an island on Lake Erie.  I had a few post meal numbers that were in the 120-140s, but all of my fastings were good.  It was so nice not to have  to worry about lows or having to eat exactly on schedule.  The weather was perfect and we spent time walking and riding bikes and generally feeling care free.  It  was a perfect setting for my big day.

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Kaitake said...

That's so awesome! I am in the process of reading your blog right from the start, and it's really interesting and exciting! T1 22yrs.
Best wishes :D