Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 100

It has been over 3 months now since my transplant, and it still seems very surreal.  I am beginning to fold up the diabetes camp.  I have put away my pump and my glucose monitor and even sold my leftover sensors from the  monitor.  I have given away all of the other supplies that I can.  I have a lot  more drawer space now.

The warm days of fall are almost over and I am still trying to make the best of each one.  I hate to see winter arrive, knowing that I will be cooped up inside or cold while I  am outside.  Now that I feel so much better, it really feels like a waste to not be able to enjoy my long walks and bike rides as much.

The good news is  that I  do  feel so much better than before my transplant.  I still get excited each time I test my blood sugar and see such nice normal numbers.  I can put off eating if I need to. I am not getting those awful headaches.  

My sister Liz is in China now.  She is adopting a baby girl and is there to  pick her up. We are all very excited for her and her family.

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