Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 120 in Minneapolis

I had my 120 day visit at the DIIT clinic on monday.  Gary and I tried to make a vacation out of the trip and ended up having a very nice weekend. We left early on Sat morning  and stayed in Baraboo, WI.  We took a hike through some rocks along a lake and had a nice supper out.  The next morning we explored what used to be Delton lake.  It was a man-made lake that washed through its border and ended up in the Wisconsin river.  It was quite a sight.  Then we took a long vertical hike in a state park in Minnesota.  We are still sore from that.  We had a nice visit and dinner with our friends in Minneapolis and spent the night at their house again as we did during my summer visits.  It was all just great.

My visit was great too.  I got to see all of the lab results from my 75 day visit which I am going to attempt to illustrate here.  I also learned that my lipid panel was back to normal, thanks to the lipitor.  My total  cholesterol went from 221 to 186.  My LDL went from 127 to 83.  

My fasting glucose was 90, but my 2 hour post-prandial was 189.  I was again told not to worry about that.  I understand now that even nondiabetic people can have elevated glucose values at 2 hours.  It is more important that they come back down in a timely manner.

My rapammune level was lower than it should be, so I am taking 5 pills/day again now.

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