Saturday, December 27, 2008

Very generous donation to U.of Minn. transplant program

This month, the Richard M. Schulze family has made a 40 million dollar donation to the Diabetes Institute of Immunology and Transplantation.  This is at the University of Minnesota and where I had my transplant.

To read more, click here.  There is a nice picture of Dr. Hering, my doctor, receiving the check.

I googled Mr. Schulze and learned that he is the founder of Best Buy.  He lives near Minneapolis and has made other donations in the area.  How refreshing in this time of such intense mistrust of CEOs and of the very wealthy in general, to find that there are those that use their power  for the greater good of humanity.  This is capitalism at its best.

I am of course prejudiced, but I think it is just great.  I know first hand that islet transplantation is at least a part of the cure.  This kind of help going to a program with this track record and this foresight could just be the push that is needed to get the rest of the way there.  I am intending on writing a thank you letter to the Schulze family.  I am still working on getting an address that I think will make it to the right place.  When I find it I will publish it here.

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gary white said...

Hey Mom

I googled and found an address for Schulze.

5113 Schaefer Rd.
Minneapolis, MN 55436

The date was as of 06 - but hopefully he hasn't moved.