Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Increase in immunosuppressant levels

I took these pictures with my cellphone after my appointment at the research clinic.  It was a beautiful day, so I took my usual walk along the Mississippi river.  

I returned home from my visit to Minneapolis on Tuesday evening.  On Wednesday, I got a phone call saying that my drug levels were too low and I needed to make a significant increase in both.  

Unfortunately, the increase has caused me to practically start over with the adjustment period with the new drugs.  I was tired, nauseated, and had a terrible headache.  By Friday, the nausea was bad enough that I was afraid I might have to leave work, so I called and spoke with Dr. Bellin.  She suggested trying Tums.  I did and they worked surprisingly well.  It got me through the day and has helped me get through the rough spots.

I have been slowly getting better as the days go by, but my stomach still bothers me a lot.  I am hoping that time will help me get through this as it did before.  It is easier the second time around.  I don't have the fear that this might be permanent like I did before.  I also know from the bloodwork done at my visit that I am not dehydrated or out of synch in my body chemistries.

The good news was that my C-peptide numbers were great.  My fasting was 1.27 and my postprandial was 5.29.
More evidence that my cells are happy with these crazy new drugs.

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SheyFey said...

Yeah. Your C-peptide numbers are awesome. Please keep us updated