Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And another increase

After I was getting adjusted to the new dose of Cellcept, I got another call from Minneapolis and it turns out that I am still not up to the therapeutic level of either drug.  So now I am on twice the amount of Cellcept from the initial dose, and almost twice that of the Prograf.  It caused another backslide for both my stomach and energy levels, but at least no headache this time.  I am glad that the doctors are being conservative and being sure that my islets are protected, but I will be glad when things are stable.  The weather has been getting nicer and I am looking forward to being outside soon.  I am hoping that my energy will be back in time to really enjoy it like I did last summer.

I also just found out that I did not get good results on my bone density test.  So now I have to take Boniva.  I ran it by Dr. Bellin and it is not incompatible with my other drugs.  Just one more pill.  It has been awhile since I got a bad lab result.  I've been spoiled lately with all the success of the transplant.

I am having blood drawn again tomorrow to recheck my drug levels.  I hope to be at or even above the therapeutic levels by now.

This is my daughter and her boyfriend who just got back from Iraq. She was able to travel to California to meet his plane.

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