Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dealing with a fever

On my last post, I was  eagerly awaiting a call to learn the results of my Cellcept level.  That came on Wed. and I did get to decrease just a little which is always a good thing.  We also had a discussion about my diarrhea and decided to try immodium every day in addition to the fiber pills.  That has helped somewhat.  I am at least approaching a tolerable level.

But later that day, I was lucky enough to get to go on a boat ride.  It was fun, but chilly.  When I got home, I just could not get warm.  The next day I was really tired.  By evening, I decided that maybe I was maybe more than just tired and took my temperature.  Sure enough 99.8.  Hot high, but not normal.  I called my Minn. contact and was told to just keep an eye on it and call the Dr. if it got over 100.  Of course, it was the holiday weekend and I had to work most of it.  I have been running a low grade fever ever since, never high and sometimes normal, but something is not right. It feels like the more I try to do, the more the fever exerts itself.   My blood sugars are running higher than normal too, which worries me.  

I had my blood drawn on Monday, and am eagerly awaiting the results.  They did a CBC and Epstein-Barr test. My symptoms feel like mono, except no swollen glands.  

I know that this is just sidetrack on this journey that I am on (and truly enjoy), but I am anxious to feel better.  It is my beloved month of July!

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