Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our vacation to St. Thomas

Here are some pictures from our vacation to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

We had a wonderful time doing some of the things that we enjoy the most.  The snorkeling was excellent, we saw every color imaginable for both plant and animal.  We actually had good weather which is different for  us.  We ate a lot of sea food and walked a lot of beaches.  The water was warm and green.  We took a ferry over to one of the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke, which was just beautiful.  Only 150 people inhabit the  island.  All of the islands
are very mountainous which makes them picturesque, but difficult driving, especially on the left.

I  did enjoy not having to deal with my pump or blood sugars.  The downside was that just before we left, I had my drug levels measured and they were low.  So I had to increase my Cellcept   dose which was havoc to my stomach. The beaches all had to  have a
prerequisite of good bathrooms.  It did not ruin our trip by any means, but was a factor.  

There is a chance that I might be changed to another form of the Cellcept.  The  doctors are concerned as to why my levels fluctuate so much.  I had my blood drawn a few days ago and am eagerly awaiting the results of that test to see if I  can go  back to a lower dose.

One bit of good news  on the drug front is that my insurance is going to cover it  well.  I will  end up paying about $40 for a three
month supply that would cost about $3300.  That was a relief to find out.  My year is up on the 21st and at that time I will be responsible for all of my medication.  Up to now the study has paid for all  of it.

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