Thursday, January 21, 2010

CMV is back

My CMV (cytomegalovirus) is back.   A few weeks ago, I noticed that I was feeling a little tired.  I just couldn't get motivated to do things.  My blood sugars had been elevated about 15 units on average.  My diarrhea was a little worse.  I was beginning to wonder about the CMV.  Luckily, I was due to have it checked soon.  Ironically, I began to feel a little better and my blood sugars decreased back to normal.  I decided I was wrong about having CMV.  Then on Thursday evening, my infection control doctor called to say that my CMV titer was quite high. It's amazing how having a doctor tell you that you are sick can make you really feel sick.  The next day, I felt very tired.  Was it the power of suggestion, or was I in denial before?  Who knows?

The infection control doctor was expressing concern about me being on an antiviral again for a long term, but said he would discuss this with Dr. Bellin.  In the end, they decided to put me back on the Valcyte.  This is the antiviral that I was on immediately following the transplant and again for two months with the first CMV infection.  I have been taking it for 5 days now, and the tiredness seems to be gone.  My blood sugars are still good.  I never developed a fever.  Hopefully, we caught it on the downswing.  I might just have to contend with this for the long term.  It is not that I am catching it from someone, it is just a latent infection that my immune system would normally keep at bay.  But, being immunosuppressed allows the infection to gain control at times.  I feel comfortable with the decision to treat this with the antiviral.  I would not want to feel that tired all of the time.

Dr. Bellin was concerned that I might have CMV colitis because of my worsening diarrhea, so I have to have a colonoscopy to rule it out.  Lucky me.

I just returned from my 18 month visit to Minneapolis.  The timing was good in that I could discuss the CMV and the strategy for dealing with it with them.  The trip was enjoyable as always, and I feel very reassured and that I am in very good hands.  I will post the lab results when they are all available.  I actually had good luck with all of my flights.

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Sorry that you are dealing with the CMV again. I admire your courage. I hope things get better.