Friday, February 5, 2010

Results of 18 month visit to Minneapolis

Here are the lab results from my 18 month visit to Minneapolis.  They look good.

Cholesterol is 167
HDL is 83, which is higher than the last time.

The chemistry tests all are normal, except total protein which is  6.6.  (normal is 6.8-8.8)

For the CBC
WBC is 2.8  Absolute neutrophils is 2.1
Hemoglobin and hematocrit a little low.
I didn't realize that the vitamins I was taking had no extra iron.  I bought new ones.  That should help get these back to normal.

Prograf was 3.4 which was low.  I increased my dose from 4 to 5 pills twice a day.
Cellcept was 1.45 which is a little low, but not increased until the CMV business is resolved.

A1c is 5.4  which is excellent. (Normal is 4-6.)

Before breakfast:                 blood sugar is 91          C-peptide is 1.01

After breakfast (90 min.)     blood sugar is 168        C-peptide is 6.65

The JDRF e-newsletter with my story came out a few weeks ago.  It was pretty exciting to see.  Part 2 that contains the story since I had the transplant comes out later this month.

The CMV situation is ongoing.  I am still waiting for more results.
I developed a cold and sore throat last week, but it seems better now.  I had a CBC and EBV test to try to see what was causing this.  My white count was a little higher, but no EBV.  I am still getting tired off and on, but assume that is still the CMV.

Here are some pictures I took on my traditional walk along the Mississippi River.  It was cold, but very enjoyable.

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et63 said...

Hi Kathy ...
Guess I don't need to post on my blog if you have one of your own!!
I will certainly, with your permission, post a link to your blog from mine. I would love to have the opportunity to share another's perspective of the voyage.

Again, thanks for dropping in on me. I have already learned a lot just reading in on some of your more recent posts. Great information!!

Continued success !!
Eliza in AZ