Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can't shake this cold

I am now on day 19 of this cold.  It started just after I got back from Florida and is still hanging on.
It began with a cough, then a low grade fever and has progressed through headaches and weakness.

I switched from Keflex to Amoxicillin because of the severe headaches that I was attributing to the Keflex.  I might have been right because that particular headache didn't come back.  I started feeling better and the fever quit as soon as the antibiotics started.  Since then I have been on the stairstep approach to healing.  I would take one step forward and then one back.  It has literally been an every other day thing.  The weather has been much better lately and I have probably been pushing myself too much, but that isn't all of it.

I'm worried that I might have lost the weight that I have been working for a year to gain.  Frustrating, but I suppose this is the very reason that I thought I should have a little extra to spare.  I'm putting off weighing myself until I feel a little thicker.

My blood sugars parallel my state of health almost exactly.  At my worst, I was needing 14 units/day.  At my best, I was back to 9 units/day.  I was at 8 units before this illness hit.  On my step back days, I would go back to the 12-14 unit range.

This is the longest I have held on to a cold since I had mono in high school.  I'm not enjoying it.  I am curious as to whether the longevity is due to the immunosuppression.  It seems obvious, but I have also heard of other people who have had colds for awhile this year.  I think I might have given mine to a coworker.  Sorry!  But it will be interesting to see how long hers lasts.  She hasn't succumbed to antibiotics (yet) so it might not be a fair comparison.

My blood pressure has improved since I began the Lisinopril.  Today it was 117/75.

This cute pig was sent to me by an islet cell friend.  Thanks Melissa!  I need one of these.

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et63 said...

Please take care of you!! I can so relate, I have had something since Christmas. Started as what I thought was a cold, turned into a sinus infection, been an upper respiratory infection, started on 10 days of Cipro, 2 rounds of Z-pack, and just finished another round of erythromyacin which was started while I was in Mexico. It is finally breaking up, but not without much wheezing, and a really sore nose. We can't be pushing ourselves right now, we are special, and others, (at least around here in AZ) have been holding onto this nasty infection for upwards of 6 weeks. It is horrible.

I love your little piggy, too cute!! I need some little boots like that for my dog, especially with all this snow coming down today.

Are you new to lisinopril? Just a curiousity question as I was placed on it (low dose) 20 plus years ago for reason of kidney perfusion, I have to admit, it has worked well in that area for me as I have normal kidney function, which seems to amaze certain doctors....???
Be well and take care of you!!! Lots of fluids!!!