Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Diabetes

I am going to re-post this for the 2011 Diabetes Blog week.  Today is Day 2 which is to write a letter to Diabetes.

This is part of a wego health health activist group blog project.  The assignment is to write a letter to your disease.  This is a little dark for me, but I am not a fan of diabetes, obviously.

Dear Diabetes,
Here is how I really feel about you.

Diabetes is not a person.  It is not a thing.  It is a place.

from a Dr. Seus book
I am here even if I don't want to be.
I have to keep moving even if I am tired.
I have to be brave even if I am scared.
I have to try to put a puzzle together in the dark.  The pieces constantly change their shapes.
I'm uncomfortable most of the time.
I can't leave.

With an unexpected miracle, I have left that place.
It haunts me and I fear going back.
I meet people from that place and feel sorry that they are still there.
I am trying to destroy that place.

To read more letters submitted for this project, go here.  (wego health)


Karen said...

I love what you have to say to diabetes. Dark? I don't know - I'd say more honest. And honest is so important.

dejahthoris said...

Thanks for sharing- the Dr Seuss pants were a really scary thing too!