Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rx: Cross your fingers and knock on wood

The title reflects the recommended treatments by two of my doctors.  I have to say right away, that I absolutely love, trust and respect these two doctors and I thought that it was hilarious that they came up with similar ideas.

Because of this BK viral infection that I've been fighting for several months, my immunosuppression has been dramatically decreased to almost nothing.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that my fasting BGs had been creeping upward into the lower 120s which is high for me.  I've been trying to keep things very consistent so that I would notice quickly if something was going wrong.  I emailed this worry to Dr Bellin who is monitoring my progress.  I was trying not to ask "will you increase my immunosuppression if this continues?".  Her reply was that we should keep our fingers crossed for my islets through this.  She was trying not to say "no more immunosuppression".  We both know that we are more worried about my kidney function at the moment, and the lowered immunosuppression is our best hope.

Then yesterday, I saw my endocrinologist.  We were going over my recent lab results and medications. I said something to the effect of "Aren't we amazed that I'm not rejecting?".  His instant response was a big smile and to knock on the tabletop.  We both laughed and said how lucky I have been and hope that this will continue.  I didn't think about the dual responses of my doctors until I was driving home.  They are both happy and pleased with me and for me that things are going so well.  And for now, both the present and the future seem bright.  On this journey into the unknown, thats a nice place to be.

My recent lab results had some good and bad results.
My BK viral titers keep hovering between detectable and undetectable.

Date            Serum BK                                     Urine BK                                       Creatinine
4/10/13     Detectable, not quantifiable      Detectable, not quantifiable                    1.7                     
4/24/13        Undetectable                                     3.3                                               1.8

My A1c was 6.9 which was a dramatic increase from the last one which was 5.9.  I was shocked by this.  I feel that my BGs have been better, not worse in the last three months. This was repeated at the endo's office and was 6.5 which is a little better.

I am starting on Symlin which is a drug like insulin that might try to keep my morning post-prandials a bit lower.  Its the only place that I can see that I am going too high.  Senator is actually the one that pointed this out to me :)  I'll start at 15mg which is the lowest dose possible.

My C-peptide was 0.39 which is about the same as it was in March (0.37).
My CBC was all normal and included a Hemoglobin of 13.7 which is normal (12-16).
Cholesterol was 182.
Prograf less than 2.0  which was of course very abnormally low

The picture is of Gary and Cruise.  We are also keeping our fingers crossed and knocking on wood for Cruise's future.  He leaves us on Monday to begin his final training as a service dog.  We know he will be a  successful and beloved helping paw to someone special.

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