Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diabetes Memories

The topic for today in the Diabetes Blog Week is Memories.

My memory is of the day that I went completely off of insulin after my transplant.  It had taken 59 days to get to this point since my transplant, but I never had a doubt that I would make it "all the way".  I had been watching my insulin need slowly decreasing as my new islets were gaining their strength this whole time.

The day that I chose was destined to be a fun day anyway.  We were going to Put -in Bay with some friends of ours to spend the weekend.  I knew that I would be getting plenty of exercise and would be able to be focused on how I was feeling.  So, that morning I didn't take my injection of Lantus which at that point was down to only 2 units anyway.  It was both exhilarating and scary at the same time.  I felt free, healthy, and extremely lucky.  I held my breath every time I checked my blood sugar.  It just didn't seem real.  Its been almost five years since I had my transplant now, and sometimes it still feels like a dream.

The day went very well.  My BGs were normal and my energy was amazing.  It was a day that I enjoy thinking back to and am sure that I will never forget.

My wish is that the rest of my diabetes community will have this experience and soon.


type 2 diabetes said...

Diabetes should never get in our way. We should continue life as normal as anybody. If we keep on thinking about our Diabetes, it'll only affect us emotionally which will hinder us from being happy and doing the things that we want to do.

Natalia Campos said...

This is definitely the most unforgettable and sweetest memory you have. Being on insulin is definitely not one of our glorious days. The pain and side effects it has are tough to overcome. With the help of modern technology, there are lots of medication and treatment being offered that gives us the advantage and a new hope. I'm glad that you're doing great 5 years after your transplant.