Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lab results of islet cell transplant at 4 years

Here are the lab results at 4 years post transplant.

Chemistry tests.  All normal except:

Cholesterol is 235.  HDL is 78 which explains part of this higher number.
LDL is 140 which is also too high.

Sodium is ?
Potassium is ?
AST is 31.   Normal is 10-42

Urine tests.

Microalbumin is 0.8    Normal is less than 1.9

Creatinine is 1.7  Normal is 0.5-1.3  This has been a worry recently.
Glomerular Filtration Rate is 31    Normal is greater than 60.
This puts me into the bottom of Stage 3 Kidney disease.  Its based on the creatinine level which is elevated.

WBC is 4.6 and absolute neutrophils is 3.5

A1c is 6.8 which is up from my previous 6.0 in April.  I'm blaming that on some vacations and some dog training.  The next one will be lower.  Normal is 4-6.

Before Breakfast:   BG is 91.   C-peptide is 0.14
After Boost:            BG is 285  C-peptide is 1.59

My blood pressure was 114/75 which is good for me lately.

The obvious concerns are my elevated creatinine and low GFR.  My kidneys are not putting up a good fight to the immunosuppression.  I might need to make a change.

I had an experience with the mixed meal test (boost).  I had the tests done at work, and after I was done went back to what I was doing.  I was performing a test that has requires a lot of manual dexterity.  Suddenly, my right thumb locked up in the closed position.  I couldn't get it to move.  I stood up and walked around and kept trying to open it with my left hand.  I finally did and then went back to work.  This happened several more times.  I walked away for awhile and then came back and sat down to finish the test.  My left thumb did the same thing.  It really freaked me out.  

I asked my endo about it at my visit which was the next day.  He said its called trigger finger and happens sometimes in diabetics.  So now I at least know what it is if it ever happens again.  I think the boost just caused my BG to go higher than it has in awhile.  Hopefully, that won't happen again.