Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Results from 180 day visit

I got my lab results back from my last visit to U. of Minn. for my 180 day check up. 
Here is a summary.

My A1c is 6.0  Down from 6.4

Fasting C-peptide is 1.17 2 hr post prandial C-peptide is 3.92

Cholesterol is 217 which is higher than last testing, but my HDL is 106 which makes that ok.

My rapamune (Sirolimus) level is within range.

My WBC count is 2.3
My absolute neutrophils count was 0.9 which is below the acceptable threshold, so I was given a shot of neupogen.  It is back  to acceptable now.

I had a kidney function test in which I was given an injection of Iohexal and with numerous blood draws it was determined how well my kidneys were able to filter it out of my blood stream.  The numbers don't mean much to me, but I understand that I passed the test.  I also had a 24 hr urine test that measured other facets of kidney function and I did well on that too.

So, all in all a good check up.  I wasn't surprised because my glucose logs and general health tell the same story, but it is still nice to see it verified. 

I have been exposed to some germy people lately.  My daughter is quite sick now, but, so far so good.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 Months post islet cell transplant

Today is the 6 month anniversary of my transplant.  It continues to be a very exciting and rewarding experience both realistically and theoretically.  I still have a hard time believing that I can feel so good and that I have such an opportunity to be part of such a monumental experiment.

I had my 180 day visit last week in Minneapolis.  Despite the cold, it was a fun trip.  What made it fun was that I had  the opportunity to meet two other islet cell recipients.  A man who had his transplant in November and a woman who had hers in December.  They both happened to be there for checkups on the same day as me.  We spent almost an hour together comparing our experiences.  Both of them are on the same protocol as me (same drugs), and are having the same positive results.  Neither is off of insulin completely yet, but are at about the same level as I was at their stage.  We had very similar experiences.  We were all diagnosed in our early 20s, and were all  frustrated by our limitations.  We all seem to be tolerating the immunosuppressants well, although both my and the woman's white counts were under the lower limits of the protocol.  We both had an injection of neupogen to raise our white cells.  I didn't feel any different either before or after and I haven't been sick, so it wasn't a big concern for me.  

It was so nice to be able to share our experiences.  I now know three transplant patients from U. of Minn. and a few others that I have met on line.  I also get some good questions from people who read my blog or participate in discussions on the Tu Diabetes website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Schulze address

I had my 180 day visit to  Minneapolis on monday.  More about that when I get all  of my lab results.
I was  able to get the address for the Schulze family foundation.  I feel strongly about writing them a thank you letter for their donation.  I was able to see and congratulate both Dr. Hering and Dr. Bellin during my visit.  They are both please and excited about the possibilities that this amount of money will provide.

Here  is the address.  I  hope that anyone who is excited about islet cell transplants and other approaches to  a cure  for  diabetes will send a note.

RM Schulze Family Foundation
8500 Normandale Lake Blvd.  Ste. 1750
Minneapolis, MN  55437