Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BK virus-still in the picture

I had my kidney biopsy done and the results were mostly good.  I heard from Dr. Bellin that there was no active inflammation found which means that I can continue with this dose of immunosuppression.  She was however concerned that the biopsy did show some scarring.  She said that it might require follow up with my nephrologist.

So, I contacted Dr. Al Sabaugh's office to see what she thought about it.  I heard back through her nurse that yes there is scarring and it is most likely due to past infections.  I assumed this meant the BK virus since there was no mention of scarring with my previous biopsy.  I was told that she would discuss this with me at my next appointment.  Since this isn't for three more months, I'm assuming that she isn't overly worried.  So, I'll choose not to as well.

Just after the biopsy, I discovered that I had another urinary tract infection.  My 4th.  I had one in March that grew the same thing, coag neg Staph.  The first one was probably E. coli and the second was never cultured.  All are within the last six months.

My BGs have been running higher.  My fastings were sometimes slipping into the 120s.  When I started my antibiotic, they went back down into the 90s and 100s.  Lately, they have been trying to climb back up again somewhat.  Maybe the nitrofurantoin (antibiotic) is causing it?  This is my hope of course, and not that I'm rejecting.  Time will tell.

I'm having my BK viral levels tested monthly now.  I was just drawn yesterday.

These are pictures of our ash tree.  Its one of the very very few that have survived the infestation of our region by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The first picture was when I saw the first bud forming and gained some hope for it.  The second picture is from today.  If this tree can stand alone against an invader, just maybe my islets.....................