Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 91

After a scare of my rapamune level being too high, I have  learned that I need  to take it  after I have my blood drawn.  I assumed that since I take it every day, that there were no significant peaks or troughs.  I was wrong, but luckily the doctor figured out what I had done so that neither of us really panicked.

Still having good blood sugars.  I had a sore throat  on tuesday and thought that I had probably caught something from one of the many people I had hugged throughout the course of the funeral, but it went away by the next evening.  I was relieved.  I did get my flu shot done the previous week.  

I will be taking less of the other immunosuppressant, Raptiva, from now on.  Instead of taking 0.5 units, I will be taking 0.25.

I  am also done taking the Valcyte pills which are the antivirals.  Yay, 2 less pills.

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Tom said...

OK, so I am pissed. I've missed almost all of game 4 of the World Series reading this blog.

I saw your email on yahoo about your dexcom sensors, and was fascinated by your experience. You are obviously very bright, and extremely articulate, so thank you so much for sharing your experience.

I contacted U. of Minn. about this clinical trial, but I chickened out. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have qualified, anyway - I can't seem to get away from the Marlboro Man, and that would probably disqualify me from me, along with my addiction to Coors Light.

Anyway, I am fascinated with your story. I am jealous - but I would also be terrified. I'll just have to continue to watch my MM CGMS, and adjust accordingly - it is truly the coolest thing I've ever owned, but your experience is even cooler than my pump and CGMS.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Please continue it.