Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have CMV

My blood tests came back negative for EBV, so the Dr. decided to test for CMV. It turns out that that is what my problem has been. CMV is cytomegalavirus and most people have been exposed to it, but it only causes problems in infants and immunosuppressed patients. Its symptoms are like mono with the low grade fever and fatigue. It was both a shock and a relief to learn. It is pretty rare, but can cause some problems. I had to be seen by an infection control doctor. I am now taking valcyte which is an antiviral medication. The doctor said that it should not take long to feel better if this is what is causing my fever. He wasn't completely sure about this. When I told him that I had just taken a vacation snorkeling in the Virgin Islands, he said that he would be looking into this to see if he could find any other likely disease I might have contracted. I am rooting for the CMV.

In between the negative EBV and the positive CMV tests, I went to see my general doctor. She ordered a few tests that came back negative. I also just saw my opthamologist today. He found and irregularity on my retina called a coton wool spot. When I told him about the CMV, he said it makes sense and that now I should see a retina specialist. He said that the antiviral should clear it up, but that it should be followed up.

Things can sure get complicated. I really think I will be better soon. I have been on the medicine for 4 days now, and I can feel my energy coming back and the fever is getting better.

Gary and I leave in the morning for Minneapolis for my one year check up. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. It is too bad all of this other stuff is happening now, but I am planning on addressing each issue with Dr Hering and then putting it all aside and celebrating that I have reached my one year anniversary as an insulin free diabetic. One year ago, I never would have dared hope for such a thing.

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