Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to Rapamune

The decision has been made to switch me from Cellcept to Rapamune.  This is one of the immunosuppressive drugs that I was on before, right after the transplant.  I had very good luck with it before and should this time too.

I started taking the Rapamune yesterday morning.  I have felt pretty tired the last few days, but that could be partly due to the CMV.  My titer is back to normal now, but I remember from my first experience with it that the fatigue lasts for awhile.  I also remember being tired right after the transplant.  That could have been caused by any of the several drugs I was taking at that stage, but maybe the Rapamune was a part of it.  Time will tell.

The transition will start with my taking 5mg of Rapamune in the morning.  I will decrease the Cellcept after 4 days and then have my levels drawn to decide how to proceed.  The last transition from Raptiva/Rapamune to Cellcept/Prograf went smoothly, so I expect this will too.  It is almost a year ago now.

This is the newest member of the household.  Her name is Callie and she arrived with my daughter Becky.  She is almost housebroken now and has become the companion of our dog Lucky.  She has won us all over now and not entirely because of her extraordinary cuteness.  She and Lucky have been taking good care of me during this stage of the process.

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et63 said...

Very interesting stuff Kathy!! Thanks for sharing your story and introducing yourself. You could not have come into my life at a better time.