Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quite a week

I have had a roller coaster of a week.  This roller coaster is different from the ones that I used to experience with my blood sugars.  This was filled with life experiences.

I'll begin with the wedding of a friend's daughter on Saturday.  It was a happy experience to see two such nice families come together and was also a time of seeing old friends who I don't see enough of.  It was a wonderful evening.

On Monday, Gary and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Its hard to believe its been that long and we still have so much fun together.  We had a nice dinner and then played 9 holes of golf.  We will continue our celebration on our trip to Minneapolis.

On Tuesday, we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Lucky.  She had been suffering with some severe arthritis pain and seizures for the last few years.  It was a very difficult decision, but we are glad that she is no longer in pain or living with all of the medication she needed just to make it through the day. We will miss her terribly.

On Wednesday, I asked my work group to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my transplant with me.  We went out for dinner and drinks and had a great time.  They got me a card with some very heartwarming words that they had written.  I am so lucky to have them.  They helped me get through many tough days at work before my transplant and have been so pleased and excited for me with this whole experience.

Today, I attended a JDRF walk meeting for team captains.  I've started getting mine organized, but had some questions about it.  I was pleased to meet a few people who have done this before and who I can go to for help.  I also got to share my transplant story with the people at my table.  Its always a rewarding experience to be able to share this feeling of hope.

We leave for Minneapolis on Saturday morning.  We will spend two days in Wisconsin on the way doing some kayaking, bike riding, and maybe even some golfing.  We both enjoy all of these things and it makes it so special to be able to enjoy them with this nice healthy body.  No blood sugar issues of the seemingly distant past, or stomach issues of the more recent.  Just good exercise and hopefully lots of sunshine.

My clinic appt. is on Tuesday.  I'm very anxious to see how all of my testing comes out.  I've had some higher blood sugars since the last visit, so I'm prepared for a higher A1c.  But it will be very interesting to see how the C-peptides compare as well as the glucose tolerance testing and kidney function tests.  The best part always, is seeing the people at the clinic.  That will be the highlight of the trip.  They really are something special.

My blood sugars over the last few days have been the best that I have seen in awhile.   Life is Good.

This post warrants a pig picture.

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Michelle (Delightfully Dietetic) said...

Happy anniversary :] And stay strong!