Sunday, August 8, 2010

Transplant update

Its been a busy few weeks since my visit to Minneapolis.  The day after we came back home from that trip, we started another to Myrtle Beach, SC.  My family vacation was there and the entire clan, except for our son Gary made it there.  We had a great time full of playing in the waves, walking the beach, and lots of good eating and fun games.  My blood sugars were really good during that time.  It was wonderful.  I don't know if it was all the exercise or the relaxation, but whatever it was, it made my islets happy.

Then I came back to busy days at work and a urinary tract infection.  The infection is all cleared up now.  My doctor here put me on Cipro and that did the trick.  I'm still on it.  My blood sugars are back to being higher and I'm really hoping that its due to the infection and the Cipro.   Time will tell.

I got the results back from the kidney function testing performed at my checkup.  A dye was injected through my IV and then my blood was drawn periodically for a few hours to examine how long and how completely my kidneys filtered it out.  The numbers don't mean much to me, but I am told that my results were excellent.  This is really good because the immunosuppressants that I am on now can be stressful to kidneys.

I have decided to volunteer at our local organ donation group, Donate Life Ohio.  I went to a meeting yesterday and met a few interesting people. There were recipients and their families as well as donors and theirs.  Even some living donors.  Here are the latest statistics about waiting lists for organ transplants.   I think I'll enjoy this new project.  My first stint will be at a booth at a nearby county fair.  I was lucky enough to get a booth near where Blake Shelton will be performing.  Ironically, I missed seeing his show 2 years ago while I was waylaid in Minnesota for my transplant.  A small price to pay.

Here is a family picture at MB and a water lilly from a recent kayaking trip.

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