Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I had a scare with my Prograf level this week.  I get my Prograf and Rapamune levels checked monthly to make sure I am within range.  Prograf should be between 4 and 6.  Rapamune should be between 8 and 15ng/ml.

My prograf came back at <2 which is really low.  Janet called to ask if I could think of any reason.  I hadn't missed a dose.  I hadn't eaten any grapefruit.  No digestive problems.  So my dose was increased from 8mg to 12mg/day.  I was drawn again the next day to see what level that would achieve.  It came back today at 10.3 which is too high.  So now my dose is 10mg/day.   Dr. Bellin thinks the lab first level might have been an error.  It does look that way to me.  My Prograf levels have been fairly stable until now.  That would be better than the alternative of really having my level be that low and have to worry that my islets were not protected.  As a Medical Technologist, a lab worker myself, it does remind me how important each lab value is to the person who is awaiting the result.

This is the Christmas card we sent this year.  Gary is a master of photoshop.

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