Friday, April 29, 2011

A lesson learned

My blood sugars have been creeping upwards lately and that really stresses me out.   I do what I can to stop it from happening which means exercise and reducing carbs.  But, both of those things can only be done to a certain level.  I still have to have some energy for the other parts of my life.

On Wednesday, my fasting was 162 which was shocking.  I spent most of the day feeling sad about it.  Then, it hit me that I have been using the same vials of insulin for awhile.  I'm not really sure how long.  I use such a small dose that they last forever.  And I have 2 pens of Lantus and 2 of Novolog going.  One of each for home and one for away.  So I threw out my home pens.  My BGs improved immediately.  On Thursday, my fasting was 94 and today it was 89.  Amazing.  I now will make it a rule to get out new ones on the first of every month.  The package insert says they should last for 28 days.  It will bother the frugal side of me to throw out so much.  But if it saves me from having sad days over nothing, that's a small price to pay.

Dolly was my own therapy dog on Wednesday.  She is growing up and doing very well with her training.

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