Friday, May 13, 2011

D blog week - 10 things I hate about Diabetes

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes - Thursday 5/12
This is day 4 of the group blog week.  This one should be easy.  I will be writing partly from my pre-transplant perspective.  Some of these things apply to me now, but luckily, not all of them.

1. Having to try to use math to solve a biological problem.  It doesn't work.  If X units should = Y carbs, it usually doesn't because of Z exercise and A hormones and B weather and C ghost factor.

2. Having to eat when I don't want to to fix a low.

3. Finding test strips everywhere.

4. Bleeding on things that don't belong to me after I do a finger stick and don't realize I'm still bleeding a little.

5. Those commercials that talk about virtually painless testing and show you a picture of the test strip and meter, but not of the lancet.

6. Ditto the commercials that talk about how not having to code your meter really frees up you life.

7.  Even after all these years, testing in front of people.

8. Realizing that the emergency granola bar that you were counting on and need that is in your coat pocket is from last year.

9. Bad infusion sites.  

10. Yucky looking finger tips.

This was even easier than I thought it might be.

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Karen said...

Oh yes, those stupid commercials you mentioned in 5 & 6 get to me too. Also the one that says "you don't have to prick your finger" in a way that makes people think you don't need to draw blood at all to use the meter. Such misinformation!!!