Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kudos to the JDRF!

I have been reading that the JDRF will be funding Viacyte, a company that is using pluripotent stem cells to treat diabetes.  In addition they are encapsulating the cells to protect them from the immune system so that immunosuppression is not necessary.  Read the press release here.

This news is exciting to me because it combines three of the options that I feel will lead directly to the cure.  Islet cell transplants, stem cells, and encapsulation.  If they would use pig islet cells, that would be a fourth! I posted this back in June of 2010 about my ideas of where the cure would come from.  I support the JDRF wholeheartedly because of decisions like this.  Their purpose is to find a cure and they are very aggressive in what they decide to support.

I like the new logo too!

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