Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diabetes and Microbiology and dogs

After getting all excited about combining diabetes and dogs, now I see that diabetes has found a connection with microbiology.  This article came out today in DiabetesCare.net.  A group of students at the University of Missouri found that they could measure blood sugar using bacteria that have an ability to glow in the presence of glucose.  They found that the amount of glucose was in direct proportion to the amount of glow created by the bacteria.  They are hoping that this might be used in test strips in the future.  Bacteria are already used for their ability to create drugs and other useful chemicals.  They are cheap, numerous and there is no moral issues with their use (that I am aware of). I'll be following this research.

In other news, Senator, the dog I was fostering for the Assistance Dogs of America, Inc.  was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  So, I am going to try to train him to become a Diabetes Alert Dog.  I really like the idea of giving him this second chance.  It makes us two of a kind.

I'm in the process of creating another blog to keep track of his training.


Rachael said...

How do you train a dog as a diabetes helper?

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