Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preparing for JDRF Government Day

I love it when my online world and my real world collide.  It really has this time.  I am being allowed the opportunity to go to Washington DC to advocate for funding for the cure of diabetes on behalf of the JDRF.  What an exciting way to do something so important for a cause that I believe in so strongly.

In the meantime, I have a lot to learn.  The goal of Government Day is to meet with and convince our legislators to vote for issues that will fund research for diabetes.  I am assigned three local Representatives.  They are the same three that I have either had or are in the process of scheduling Promise meetings with.  Currently I have one meeting with Rep. Jordan set up, a meeting with an assistant of Rep. Kaptur and am waiting to hear back from Rep. Latta's office.  I'm learning a lot about the art of scheduling.

I did an on line training session to help prepare me for what to do when we all get there.  The logistics of getting around with no car will be different.  I'm planning on doing as much walking as I can.

My blood sugars have been quite good lately.  I attribute it in part to having two dogs to walk and care for.  We now have a second dog, Cruise that Gary is fostering and training to become a service dog.  Its a lot of work, but fun to watch the dogs interact, and good exercise for me.  Gary is also participating in the training classes so that we can help each other with both dogs.  Senator is doing well with his training to become diabetes alert dog.  I've created a second blog to document my progress with him here.


Mike Hoskins said...

Very cool! I attended last year's Government Day and had a blast, not only being a part of the discussions and hearing all the great updates but also meeting with my handful of lawmakers! Very important stuff, and it's great you're a part of it. Can't wait to tune in to the activity online and see what's new and exciting this time, and to read all the updates after the fact!

et63 said...

What an opportunity!!! Let 'em hear it all Kathy!!! I can't wait to hear your update on the event. I love the fact you and your husband are into the dog fostering. It takes special people to pull that task off. I would get so attached to them. I love my dog, and although not "professionally" trained, she is good for me and they do make a difference in keeping up healthy on so many levels. Again, congrats on the opportunity in front of you and I look forward to hearing more. Be well!!! Eliza

Karen said...

I'll be at Government Day too - it will be my first time. I've very excited and a little bit nervous. I look forward to meeting you in real life!!