Friday, September 21, 2012

Drug Transition Update 2012

I've been taking my new drug, Myfortic, for a week now and am beginning to tapir off the Rapamune. I'll be done with the Rapamune in a week.

I had my drug levels and monthly labs drawn on Monday.  The drug levels were all fine, but my creatinine has increased to 2.0.  Last month it was 1.7 and considered too high, so this is not good.  Dr. Bellin put me on a quick decrease of the Rapamune in hopes that this will help my kidneys and if not, I'll have to decrease the Progaf dosage as well.

To complicate (or help) matters, I started on an insulin pump this week.  My endo has wanted me to do this for awhile, but I never thought I took enough insulin to make it worth it.  I was ranging from 12-15units/day.  But, it seems to be the only route to my getting a continuous glucose monitor.  And, it will help to keep my blood sugars under the best control during this transition, so I relented.  I was hooked up on Tuesday.  After some really high (375!) numbers on that first day, I seem to be settling down.  I can't say that I am enjoying it it all.  Its physically such a bother and emotionally and symbolically feels like such a giant step backwards.  Only hindsight will tell if this was good timing or bad.

Things feel a little precarious now. I know that this drug transition is stressful to my islets, so I'm watching my BGs closely and being as aggressive as I can with the insulin to help them as much as possible.  That's all that I can really do.  I can't do much for my creatinine level.  Fortunately, no side effects from either the high creatinine or the Myfortic.  I still feel good.  I'm just trying to stay busy and hope for the best.

Senator has been a nice combo tool/ security blanket for me.  He can warn me if I am going high and patiently accepts all the hugs I can give him.


et63 said...

I have been on a pump for 14 years now, if you have any questions perhaps I could help guide you. It should help during this hopefully, minor transition and give your kidneys a chance to recoup/recover. In the meantime, I continue to keep you in my prayers for the couragous efforts you are making in the forward movement of a cure. As for Senetor, I know how you feel about the support and awareness they help us out with. All my best to you!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thinking of you, Kathy! Transition is always hard. I'm sure things will settle down for you.

You call on us if you need us!