Friday, May 17, 2013

Accomplishments Big and Small

The next topic for Diabetes Blog Week is Accomplishments- Big and Small.

Well, my accomplishment is realized in hindsight.  Now that I am controlling my blood sugars with the help of my islets and some insulin, I realize how difficult it was before I had the help of my islets.  Looking back, I don't know how I did it.  Since I couldn't control or predict what my BGs would be, ever, I assumed that I just wasn't doing something right.  It was frustrating and at times, discouraging.  Since quitting is not an option, I just felt that I was plodding along hoping for better technology or some great insight that would help me figure out how to make things better an easier.

After my transplant while I was insulin free, things were simple.  The islets did all the work and no mathematic or strategic calculating was necessary.  It was when I needed to go back to using some insulin that I realized how much I actually knew about controlling my BGs.  And more importantly, how the math can work. If 0.8units is what should control my post breakfast blood sugar, it will.  I can see the benefits of exercise and I can tell how long my walk should be to replace part of my insulin needs.  While I was going through my illnesses this winter, I could adjust my insulin upwards to cover.  And after my immunosuppression reduction while my blood sugars were coming back down, I could reprogram my pump to meet these changes as well.

There are still some challenges and a few surprises, but they are explainable and easily remedied.  Frustration never enters the picture.

So, my accomplishment is in keeping myself healthy enough to qualify for this transplant   while my predicament was anything but simple.  What a payoff for some hard work.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I really think your perspective on diabetes is fascinating. You've gone through so much and see this thing we battle from so many different angles.

I sure do appreciate hearing your thoughts on all of it!