Monday, November 24, 2008

Data from 75 day visit

These graphs are here to represent my pre and post-transplant blood sugars.

These smaller graphs are from my dexcom continuous glucose monitor that I wore before my transplant.  You can tell when I eat each meal or snack. This was my best effort at control.  Even with being on an insulin pump, taking a second blood sugar lowering medicine, symlin, and wearing a continuous monitor, this was the best I could  manage. I could just never get my drugs and my food responses to peak at the same time.  Its hard to see on the graphs, but the range for these days was from about 55 to 330. These were typical  days, not the best  or the worst.

This larger graph is from the
 continuous glucose monitor that I started at my Day 75 visit to U of M and wore for about 4 days .  Each colored line represents a different day.  When I eat, the lines go up, but they always come back down to the baseline level.  The range was between about 70 and 180.  This is close to what a nondiabetic person might show.  

The comparison of these graphs best illustrates what I have been saying for most of  this blog.  This is why I feel so much better all of the time.  It is not just the highs and the lows that make you physically uncomfortable, but the rapid changes between.  I was rarely in the normal range for any period of time; I only passed through between the highs and lows.  This plays havoc on your brain, eyes, kidney, heart, and probably other organs that don't have direct sensory input. 

And that is all I have  to say right now.

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K8 AH said...

This is how I feel every day! I am just "passing through normal" on my way to a high or a low. Well put!