Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 110

I have been a bit concerned about some higher than usual post meal blood sugar readings. Every once in awhile, I will have one that is about 160-180 at two hours after I eat a meal.  But I had three in  a row that were about 155 and it just got me worried.  So I called Val at U. of Minn. and she talked to Dr Bellin about this.  The result was that I should not worry unless I get some over 180.  Since then, it hasn't happened again.  I know that this will eventually happen, but I sure hope my transplant lasts longer than this.  From all of my reading about results of other transplant patients, it should last longer.  You just never really know for sure.  You can't compare between the different protocols.  I just have to hope that I was lucky enough to be put into into a successful one. The other reason that I was worried, was that I had decreased one of my immunosuppressants and I was afraid that my wicked immune system was attacking the islet cells.  I am relieved to be wrong.

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