Tuesday, December 2, 2008

C-peptide values

This chart shows all of the C-peptide values measured since I had the transplant. C-peptide measures the ability of the islet cells to produce insulin. Higher numbers represent better functioning beta cells.

Note that at the time of the transplant, my C-peptide was at 0.  I had no reactive beta cells at all.  This was actually one of the criteria to be admitted into the study.  It only makes sense to transplant a patient if they do  not have any beta cells of their own.

The C-peptide is  measured both before and after I eat breakfast.  I eat my normal breakfast which contains about 45grams of carbs.  

The values are higher after breakfast which shows that the islet cells are doing their job.  They are responding to the glucose that is entering my bloodstream from my meal.  These values correspond with my normal blood sugars.  It is very exciting to see these numbers because they illustrate that my transplant is successful.

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