Thursday, December 4, 2008

Glucose and insulin tolerance testing

This chart shows the results of my glucose and insulin tolerance test that was performed during my 75 day visit to the clinic.  

It was an interesting experience.  I was hooked up to two IVs.  One delivered the glucose and then the insulin, and the other was used to draw blood samples.  I was drawn at each of these intervals and the blood  was sent to the lab to be tested for C-peptide (measures islet cell function), glucose, and insulin.

After a baseline was established, I was given a giant bolus  of glucose.  The nurse warned me that it would make me feel flushed and light-headed and it did both of those.  As you can see, my glucose rose dramatically.  My insulin level increased as did my C-peptide, proving that my islet cells were responding to the high glucose level in my blood.  

Next I was given  a bolus of insulin.  It was a calculated dose, and I think it was about 2.5 units.  It was kind of scary to get that much.  It had been so long since I have had an insulin injection and I was worried about going too low, but it went very smoothly.  My insulin level rose quickly and then tapered off after bringing my glucose level back to normal.  My C-peptide also decreased as the insulin level decreased.

I am not sure what kind of results a nondiabetic person might yield.  I assume it is close to these results.  My islets seem to be functioning well.  It still is such an exciting experience and is so rewarding to see results like this.  I still test my glucose before and after each meal and at bedtime, and I get a charge every time I see all of my nice normal numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy

i just ran across your post. I am a Type 1 (recent, just last 3-4 years) and am active in the cell therapy industry. I will be keeping up with your blog to check out your progress.

Good luck with your new Islets!

Jon Rowley