Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Results from 180 day visit

I got my lab results back from my last visit to U. of Minn. for my 180 day check up. 
Here is a summary.

My A1c is 6.0  Down from 6.4

Fasting C-peptide is 1.17 2 hr post prandial C-peptide is 3.92

Cholesterol is 217 which is higher than last testing, but my HDL is 106 which makes that ok.

My rapamune (Sirolimus) level is within range.

My WBC count is 2.3
My absolute neutrophils count was 0.9 which is below the acceptable threshold, so I was given a shot of neupogen.  It is back  to acceptable now.

I had a kidney function test in which I was given an injection of Iohexal and with numerous blood draws it was determined how well my kidneys were able to filter it out of my blood stream.  The numbers don't mean much to me, but I understand that I passed the test.  I also had a 24 hr urine test that measured other facets of kidney function and I did well on that too.

So, all in all a good check up.  I wasn't surprised because my glucose logs and general health tell the same story, but it is still nice to see it verified. 

I have been exposed to some germy people lately.  My daughter is quite sick now, but, so far so good.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday was my initial appointment at the University of IL - Chicago to meet with the islet transplant team and Dr. Oberholzer, surgeon. Although I was approved to move forward to the next step (screening) to be eligible for the procedure, I'm both excited and apprehensive of the transplant. Please share your thoughts and experiences with the immunosuppression drugs which concern me greatly.

Thanks for your time.