Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 200

Things are continuing to go well.  I have been getting quite a few questions lately from people who find their way here.  It is encouraging me to keep current with my blog.  It seems to be getting so long that I have been cutting back on my number of posts, just so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming.

The questions are  about 90% asking about the immunosuppressants. That was always my biggest concern too.  It doesn't make sense to trade one problem for  another.  So far, I  have had no serious problems with any of the drugs.  I may just be lucky or I may have landed in a protocol with more mild drugs.

One interesting observation that I have made lately is that I do still get some mild low blood sugars.  I just had one of 59 yesterday.  I would not have guessed that this  would happen.  I wouldn't think that the beta cells would over react like that.  Since it is only mildly uncomfortable and not at all dangerous, it doesn't really bother me.  It almost feels like "money in the bank" meaning that  I know that the cells are continuing to work well.  I still get some blood sugars that are higher than I would like (150-180), and it serves to remind me that I am not all the way normal.  I watch my number of carbs and continue to exercise to keep this from happening too often.  


BetterCell said...

Kathy.....Glad to hear that things are going well for you.
Question......if your blood glucose levels become low, does your Glycogen stores from your Liver "kick in" automatically as would a person w/o T1DM?

BetterCell said...

i "Blacked Out" at my computer desk for two hours w/o any warning(Hypoglycemia unawareness). When I regained consciousness and checked my glucose, it was 60mg/dl.
What that the means, is that there still must exist *some degree* of counter-regulatory function in T1DM.
Maybe it varies from person to person but it was able to save my Life and keep me out of the "journey to the Netherlands."
i have heard medically, that the counter-regulatory mechanism in T1DM is problematic in function.