Sunday, March 1, 2009

Food allergy and antibodies

I had what was probably a mild food allergy reaction last weekend.  We were invited to dinner by some friends and during the course of the meal, I developed a dark discoloration around my mouth.  Gary noticed it after we had had the soup and the salad.  I have since found out the ingredients of both, and the only thing that I might never have had is the dried cherries.  The discoloration was gone by morning and never itched or burned, so it wasn't too worrisome.  I did mention it to Dr. Bellin and she agrees that it is probably a food allergy.  It is not listed as a symptom of  any of my medications. I would think that I would be less inclined to something like this with my lowered immune state.   

On this subject of immunity, I haven't mentioned here before that there is a study connected with the islet transplant study that researches my antibody levels.  When my blood is drawn at my visits  to the  clinic, I also have many other tubes drawn for the antibody study.  They monitor levels of various antibodies and compare the concentrations to see which are rising and which are falling.  They compare these between patients who are having successful transplants and and those who are in the process of rejecting the transplant.  The goal  must be to see which antibodies to target with the next generation of immunosuppressant drugs used for future transplants.  It is all very interesting and I can't say that I fully understand it.  But I am just pleased that I  am yielding all of this data.  

By the way, the food was delicious.  One of our friends has  retired and has been experimenting with some new recipes.  We had sweet potato/squash soup, homemade bread,  fruit and nut salad, stuffed pork and asparagus, and marinated pears for desert. It is fun having retired friends.  I can always find someone to play golf with during the week too!  One of the few benefits  of getting old.

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