Saturday, May 23, 2009

Parallel Drug Wars

My drug level for the Cellcept was too high two weeks ago, so I was able to decrease the dose I take.  The Prograf was within range, so it remained the same.  It has taken awhile, but it seems to be getting a little better.  Both my stomach and energy levels are improving, but I still have a ways to go.  My levels were checked again this  week, and they are still with range, so this must be the right dosage.  So at least now I can try to get used to this.  I am trying to find the right foods, fiber pills, and tums to keep things tolerable.

My efforts at stabilizing my stomach reminds me very much of trying to stabilize my blood sugars.  In both cases, the problems are brought on by the very medication needed to keep me healthy.  Both cases use superstitious behavior as the strategy.  When things are bad, I try to guess what I just did wrong or what I should have done correctly.  When things improve, I guess what I did right or didn't do wrong.  With all of the variables, it is seldom possible to know the answers to those questions. In both cases, the drugs are very powerful and will win every time.  It is just a matter of learned tolerance of their wrath.   I sacrificed sweets for the insulin demon.  I have sacrificed coffee to the immunosuppressant demon.  I wish they would just tell me what they want or what I should do.  Life would be much simpler.  I just have to hope that time is  on my side.  I have heard from a few people, who say that it does get better.  

Most importantly, my blood sugars are still good. Interestingly, they do go a little high when I am having a really bad stomach day.  Now that my blood sugar levels don't have those wild swings all of the time, I can detect the little inconsistencies.


SheyFey said...

Oh NO!!! I can't give up coffee!! That is not discussed anywhere in the transplant information??

On a serious note, did you have stomach problems of any kind before the transplant? I have always considered myself to have an iron stomach. I cannot believe that will change but need to be prepared if is will....

日月神教-任我行 said...
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