Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Results from One Year Checkup

 Results of Glucose and Insulin Tolerance Testing from one year check-up

This chart is the results of some of the testing that was performed at my one year check up.  If you click on it, it expands and is easier to read.  For this test, I was hooked up to one IV for drawing my blood at all of these intervals, and another IV to deliver the glucose and insulin boluses.  This shows how the C-peptide rises when the glucose rises and returns to baseline.  It also shows how the insulin level rises with the glucose and also returns to normal.  This chart looks a lot like the chart from my 75 day visit.  The C-peptides for this test were a little higher.  At 75 days, the highest was 2.1.

Gary is back from his trip to Scotland.  His mom has always wanted to go to Scotland and see where her family had lived, so she and Gary and some friends went this summer.  They had a wonderful time.  I hardly slept while he was away.  I am still trying to decide whether it was due to his absence or the Valcyte.

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