Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update and diet issues

I seem to be at a plateau in many variables at the moment.

My average blood sugar according to my meter is 105.
My stomach is ok.  Not the best or the worst.  I am taking one immodium a day.  I am trying to cut back on that when I can because I am suspecting it is the cause of my evening upset stomach.  
My drug levels are stable.  I can start having them tested monthly instead of twice a month.
My energy level seems good.  I have been playing some golf and have been pleasantly surprised with my game (except for chipping).  Yesterday, Gary and I took a long bike ride and I wasn't any more tired than I should be.

The next variable I have to work on is to gain some weight.  I  am about 12 pounds less than pre-transplant.  I  lost about 8-10 with the transplant and about 5 from the CMV/diarrhea.  I gained some of it back over the winter, but am still too low.  My gauge for deciding that I   must be too low is that people keep telling me how thin I look and not in a good way.  I just assumed that  I would gain it back with time, but it looks like it is going  to take some effort.  It is very strange to be adding food to my diet after so many years of trying to eat smaller amounts to keep my blood sugar down.  But I have been trying to increase portions and add an item here and there.  I really have not changed from my pre-transplant diet at  all. I had assumed that I would gain weight on this diet because I am no longer excreting sugar(and calories) in my urine.  I have to admit it is a weird problem to have and I don't get much sympathy for it.  I also have to wonder if it is possible to gain weight at my age and gender and have it not be all fat.  I get  some exercise every day, mostly walking, but I am not into weight training at all.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of in the same situation. Had weight loss surgery in '02. when at a high of 252. I'm 5'3". now I weigh 120.8 and am snacking on olives and fresh bread. I'm not diabetic but husband is and he had a liver kidney transplant in '06. He is fine and is now 28 pounds overweight. I am exercising to tone up my skin and muscles but have lost about 5 pounds. Feel good and not underweight, but don't want to lose any more weight or eat a ton of sugar just to stay fat! I want muscle, not fat or hanging skin!

日月神教-任我行 said...
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