Friday, November 6, 2009

First Post-transplant cold

It turns out that I did not have to worry about all of those diseased people on the airplanes or of not having my H1N1 vaccine in time after all.  I got a cold from the very person who I was risking the flights to go see.  I got a cold from my beloved son.  When we first got there, he was sneezing and tired.  Before we left, Heather was sneezing.  A few days after we got home, both Gary and I began sneezing.  I would say that is reliable enough data to point out the source.  It was actually very interesting to be able to have such a direct comparison between Gary and my immune systems.  His symptoms hit about one day before mine and peaked earlier.  Mine dragged on for about 2-3 days past his.  So all in all, I was pleased with my own immune response.  It was just a little worse than Gary's, in time and the same in severity of the illness.  I was worried that I might run a fever and then have to worry about H1N1, but that never happened and I avoided anything with a fever suppressor that might mask the presence of one.

I went to work, but babied myself as much as possible.  It is almost like being pregnant, worrying about taking care of the islet cells.  I would hate to lose them because of an illness.

My blood sugars shifted upward during the cold, but are coming back down now.

I was able to get my H1N1 shot yesterday, so I am all set with that.

My coworkers and I were the H1N1 virus for our halloween.  We work in the microbiology Department.  We won for best group costumes.  I can't believe that I  finally got them to dress as pigs!

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